Monday, 12 May 2014

Thats why I dont go running

My feet have been in the wars recently.. I was trying to get healthy but it seems that the opposite has happened to me and I have got a inflammation condition effecting my feet... it seems that a fair number of people like Luke over on Healthbad I know who are in their twenties like me are ending up getting pf.. we are all going out running now that winters finished and over doing it resulting in tearing and inflaming the plantar fascia.. ti would be funny if it didn't hurt so much. Well this has set me back a little bit because I wanted to get healthy for summer  and found some time out of my busy schedule to go cross country running but I guess that will have to wait.. I think that next time I am going to have to work on my technique and make it better than it is as at the moment I am quite honestly running like a madman and according to some sites I have been reading arch support insoles are the way to go so I have added them to my shopping list. Ill try not to let this put me off running because it really is a refreshing experience.

Talking about getting healthy I gotta add that it aint easy being healthy in the capitalist world.... The only cheap food that you can buy is junk food, working long hours just to survive and the stress to go with doesnt make for a healthy human being now does it? And if you look at the rich they can afford the best of everything... al though they are so greedy they tend to be obese.

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